Saturday, August 22, 2009

WHO vs. Kruger...Any thoughts?

First I'd like to say thanks for all your comments..I knew I would find a world of support here. I'm keeping our upcoming ivf from everyone in the family, but my little brother. I would love to tell my mom, but I know it would just cause me to stress more than I already do..too many questions...too many worries, I need to be as stress free as possible because I don't think we can afford a second cycle.

Now, on to other things...My dh went for his first SA in about 02/08, the urologist used WHO method. It came back low on motility, count, and morphology, we weren't that concered, as dh had trouble finding the place so the sample may have been too old. On the second one, at the same urologist, it came back as only slightly below on morph and forward progression motility, the urologist still said it was normal.

On to the RE...we did two SAs at this clinic using Kruger. They both came back with low motility, the worst one being 0%FF and 13%SF, and a morphology of 0% Dx: Severe asthenoteratozoospermia.

Now going to a new clinic, and a much better one I might add, the dr. tells us that he doubts dh has 0% morph, that the other clinic is more strict in thier critera. He still says we have about a 4% chance with IUI...(been there, done that, not doing it again). So IVF with ICSI it is.

Now in the meantime, last Friday dh had an appointment with a new urologist that specializes in fertility, also uses the WHO. DH had a great count, motility, and morph, and the sample was over an hour old...(I hope it is the Fertility blend and pyconogel he has been on for the last two months). It was the best one we've seen, so even the Kruger has to be improved, I pray! Dr. says he would dx us as unexplained and might be antisperm antibodies and drew blood to test for it...Although, thes wouldn't matter when doing IVF/ICSI.

I know the Kruger is meant for IVF and is much more strutenizing, but what I wonder is if he is normal on a WHO SA, does this mean our chances for a successful ivf are pretty good?

I know I'm trying to find answers that aren't there until it's said and done because everyone is different, but I am trying to be as positive as possible to help increase our chances, but the more positive I am, the harder I fall when AF rears her ugly head. If I start out pessamistic, then I won't hurt "as much" when it doesn't work. I don't want to do that this cycle, because it has to work! I will only say when and not if.

Are there any ladies out there that have a similar situation that have gone through IVF/ICSI? Did you have a lot of embryos fertilize and keep growing, enough to freeze? I would love to know, Any thoughts?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A bit of history

Like so many other couples we blissfully decided to conceive a baby one month after we were married. I had just turned 30 and was so ready to begin. After a few months with nothing, I started researching and doing things to boost our odds. At six months I went in for gyno check just to make sure all was well, which it was.

At one year, after charting, temping, timing perfectly, I began to worry. My husband, being the ever optimist, was not. Knowing we had no fertility coverage we held off a bit, then in an attempt to save money we decided to go without insurance (huge mistake...don't ever do it!). We were healthy and rarely went to the doctor anyway.

Fast forward to 4-1/2 years later, guess what? I come down with appendicitis and have to have an appendectomy with a three-day hospital stay. Great! No insurance. There goes our savings and much more! Boy, did we learn our lessen, the very hard way. Then to add to it, the surgeon said my left tube looked very inflamed and to get to my gyno right away. Which I did, turned out okay, thanfully, just general inflammation from the appendix, I was told.

I continued at the gyno, she had me do charting and temping for three months. Everything seemed normal, which I already knew from previous charting over the last four years. Then an HSG, in which they found my tubes clear, but found an endometrial polyp. That was removed during a hysteroscopy and then I started clomid for six months. Nothing happened still. Finally, she gives me the referral for an IVF clinic. They filled us full of optimisim, but it was not to be. Hubby's SA came back with pretty bad results, 0% morph, low motility, and low count, but they said it was still okay for IUI. We did four IUI's two without medication and two with femera which were all a no go. Knowing we could not afford IVF we stopped going to the clinic, also because my hubby's comapany switched insurance, so now my ultrasounds and blood work would not be covered because they didn't participate with the clinic.

In my depression and desperation, I was doing crazy searches on Google to find a way to pay for IVF. I finally found out about a NY grant that we qualifed for! We were even over qualified for it! I looked up the clinics that participated in it and found CNY which is 15 minutes from my house...I immediately called and made the appointment and about two months later, we were approved and are on the fast track for IVF. AF is due on or about the 31st of August and then I will get my calander on day 3.

I am so elated to finally be close to our goal and to finally begin our family! I am just happy knowing that even if IVF doesn't work out, it gives us an answer and a path, and best of all it stops the agonizing wait.