Saturday, August 15, 2009

A bit of history

Like so many other couples we blissfully decided to conceive a baby one month after we were married. I had just turned 30 and was so ready to begin. After a few months with nothing, I started researching and doing things to boost our odds. At six months I went in for gyno check just to make sure all was well, which it was.

At one year, after charting, temping, timing perfectly, I began to worry. My husband, being the ever optimist, was not. Knowing we had no fertility coverage we held off a bit, then in an attempt to save money we decided to go without insurance (huge mistake...don't ever do it!). We were healthy and rarely went to the doctor anyway.

Fast forward to 4-1/2 years later, guess what? I come down with appendicitis and have to have an appendectomy with a three-day hospital stay. Great! No insurance. There goes our savings and much more! Boy, did we learn our lessen, the very hard way. Then to add to it, the surgeon said my left tube looked very inflamed and to get to my gyno right away. Which I did, turned out okay, thanfully, just general inflammation from the appendix, I was told.

I continued at the gyno, she had me do charting and temping for three months. Everything seemed normal, which I already knew from previous charting over the last four years. Then an HSG, in which they found my tubes clear, but found an endometrial polyp. That was removed during a hysteroscopy and then I started clomid for six months. Nothing happened still. Finally, she gives me the referral for an IVF clinic. They filled us full of optimisim, but it was not to be. Hubby's SA came back with pretty bad results, 0% morph, low motility, and low count, but they said it was still okay for IUI. We did four IUI's two without medication and two with femera which were all a no go. Knowing we could not afford IVF we stopped going to the clinic, also because my hubby's comapany switched insurance, so now my ultrasounds and blood work would not be covered because they didn't participate with the clinic.

In my depression and desperation, I was doing crazy searches on Google to find a way to pay for IVF. I finally found out about a NY grant that we qualifed for! We were even over qualified for it! I looked up the clinics that participated in it and found CNY which is 15 minutes from my house...I immediately called and made the appointment and about two months later, we were approved and are on the fast track for IVF. AF is due on or about the 31st of August and then I will get my calander on day 3.

I am so elated to finally be close to our goal and to finally begin our family! I am just happy knowing that even if IVF doesn't work out, it gives us an answer and a path, and best of all it stops the agonizing wait.


  1. Thanks for your wishes! And welcome to the blog world. This is the best support system I have ever found. Check out (if you haven't already) to connect with (more) fellow IVF'ers. Wishing you good luck with your IVF.

  2. YAY!! you created a blog! Are you going to check out and use your free service card for Healing Arts? I wonder which services you can use that card for? I am bringing my financial papers to Bonnie today on my lunch break so I can get finalized on the grant ASAP (before money runs out or whatever).

  3. If you call them and ask let me know what they say because I was thinking about doing the acupuncture too.

    The bag that they give you... with the book and all the papers in it. In there there will be a business card that entitles you to a free service.

    I think I just hate the wait for the grant lol I am the type of person that likes everything planned out and organized etc. At least for major things... I will just "feel" better when its 100% but yeah they know best and wouldnt tell you its pretty much all set if it was getting close to running out.... I wouldnt think anyways lol

  4. Cool... so its cheaper to get regular acupuncture (buy 3 get 3) then do the assisted IVF 5 visits? I wonder if there is any difference? I think I will wait until I get word back from the grant program before I talk to them about it. Maybe at that point I will book an appointment for something with my free card and then discuss my options while I am there? Who knows I know I will need something in order to not obcess!

  5. Hey... Are they putting you on BCP's prior to starting lupron? From what I can tell a lot of people are put on them and I dont remember him saying anything about it. Panic mode lol... Maybe when I call in with AF? I just dont want to have to wait a whole other cycle... maybe I don't need to be on it who knows

  6. That is where I get confused because I KNOW dr. G has put people on BCP's prior to starting Lupron (well he did for Amber) so I am hoping that its just not needed for me? Its got me worried! Maybe I will ask when I call in on cycle day 1?

  7. Thanks so much for following my journey! I'll be praying for you as you begin your first you know your schedule yet? I start my meds (Lupron) on September 16th, I bet our cycles will be close!

  8. Thank you for sharing some of your history on here! I want to wish you all the very best as you begin your IVF cycle - and what great news about the grant! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!!