Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Well today is my birthday! I'm officially 36 years old, bummer! I really wish I could turn back time, I feel like my ovaries are shriveling away. I used to always be excited about birthdays, I guess I still am a little bit, but it is overshadowed.

Still, I love seeing family on my birthday, and I do get to see and hold my new little nephew...maybe I can claim him all to myself because after all, it is my birthday.

It is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day, and my heart goes out to all who have endured.

I want to thank everybody for their encouraging comments and with the ideas for my paper, which I still have to write.


  1. Happy Birthday to you as well! It's such a great month for a birthday, isn't it.

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you, lovely Jenny!!! Hope it was a fun and relaxing one.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was wonderful! So sorry to read about the cancelled cycle, too! :-( (((HUGS)))

  4. Thanks Everyone! I did have a wonderful birthday!