Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I need ideas, please help!

I don't know whether it is the IVF drugs or what, but I'm at a loss for coming up with something to write my next essay about. So, I'm putting it out there for suggestions. Please help!

I have to write an classification essay. This means I take something and break it down to analyze all its parts. For example, you could analyze friends, breaking down the different types of friends you can have, i.e. work friends, childhood friends, elderly mothering-type friends, or hobby friends.

Another example is different types of dreams; nightmares, dreams that seem too real, recurrent dreams.

I have so much happening right now every time I try to think of something to write about my mind races in circles. If you have any ideas can you please share them. Thanks in advance!


  1. To me the easiest idea is food - like lasagna. Or a family. I don't know if this helps...

  2. Personality types could be interesting. We recently did Myers-Brigg Type Indicator tests at work and it was so enlightening! Good luck with the IVF cycle and the paper!

  3. How about birth order? I've always found that to be fascinating. Good luck!:)

  4. Birth order is really interesting. Both my husband and I have five brothers, and the similarities between the brothers and the order they were born is rather remarkable!