Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet my nephew.

This little guy melts my heart. He will be 4 weeks tomorrow. His original due date was 10/16. He is starting to be more aware of things and looking everywhere. He has a beautiful olive skin tone, and he's such a good little boy. I can't wait to seem him grow, but at the same time I'd like him to stay small :) Ironically, he makes me forget all about my IF woes.


  1. You are amazing!! Thanks for all your kind words and support! Your emails mean a lot to me!

    You got an award!! Check out my blog!!

  2. Just adorable! I have a niece about the same age and she helps me forget about infertility as well.

  3. He's super cute. I have a neice who is 19 months old and she just melts my heart! It's funny how we can stress over our IF during the pregnancy of our sisters/brother's significant other's, yet, when that baby is born, it's like it all melts away! Congrats!