Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow, I've been so busy lately. I've started school part time and I have a ton of homework, just from two classes. I'm sure glad I didn't take more. I signed up for school before I knew about this grant for IVF. It was kind of a situation where I was thinking, "well, it's been 5-1/2 years and no baby, no money for IVF, what am I going to do -- Go to school." I had to start doing something, I was rotting away in my own depression and self loathing here, which is not condusive to a good life for me or anyone around me.

Anyway, my professors are awesome, very laid back and I think I lucked out in that regard. My niece started school as well, she's 22 this year. Kind of wierd to be going to school with my niece, but cool too. But it makes me feel really old. We don't have any classes together, but maybe next semester we will. I have a Sunday class...how awesome is that? It doesn't interfere with work. I'm so glad I'm able to do that, it relieves a lot of pressure. I have math twice during the week and English on Sunday...Sweet!

I also had to go to a baby shower this weekend, not just any baby shower either, my little brother (three years younger than me) and his wife are having their first baby....so many mixed emotions...I'll have to do another post because it will be way too long here.

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