Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got my Lupron

I went in for my start date for Lupron and to check to see if I've ovulated yet. I got my 14-day kit for the lupron, but I haven't ovulated yet, she said I was close, I'm on cd18 today :(

I had a feeling this was the way it was going to go because I've had ewcm yesterday and today, so I'm probably ovulating today or tomorrow, plus I'm all achy like I always get when I ovulate. That is if I actually do ovulate. I've been wondering if I do, ever since my gyno told me I had classic polycystic ovaries and possibly annovulation. I only have one documented ovulation and that's when I was on Femara. So, I guess time will tell.

I go back in on Monday to recheck and if I popped that eggie, I will start injecting that night. It will be day 22 of my cycle. If it hasn't happened by then, I really don't know what the next step is. I know it stinks because it pushes my cd1 to October 1st or 2nd, as I know my luteal phase is usually 14 days, provided I ovulate today or tomorrow...hoping the Lupron doesn't change that.

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  1. Ovulate! Ovulate! Ovulate! I'm doing a chant for you too! Hopefully Monday will be a good day for both of us!