Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 3 Baseline visit

I had a nice relaxing weekend in the Adirondacks. We went camping with some of my family, our annual camping I hope not to take next year because we will have a newborn...hopefully :) It was a good distraction from the waiting for AF.

I had my day 3 visit this morning. Everything went well, except I was left a little confused. First, the nurse gave me a prescription for BCPs because I had lots of little follicles and it was too early, she said I would take them for 15 days and then come in on 09/16 for the Lupron teach, but then when I was checking out she came over and asked me if there was a reason I should'nt be taking birth control pills because there was a note in my chart stating not to use birth control pills. I told her no, it never came up before, so she took the prescription away and said she was going to check into it. She told me to keep the appointment for the 16th which would be two weeks before my next AF is due.

What would be the reason for not taking BCPs if I have too many follicles too soon and the need is there? I have no contraindications to birth control pills, so there is no medical reason I need to avoid them. Anyone have an inkling of why they would do this? The only reason I can think of is maybe because we need a lot of targets for DH's sperm and this will help get more, although I don't know if that is how it works medically, it's just a guess.

I called to see if the nurse had talked to the doctor yet, she had, and I do have a contraindication, I have high triglycerides which was just diagnosed last month. So the birth control pills would put me at a higher risk for blood clots. I really hope this doesn't affect the quality of my follicles....dang it!!! High triglycerides runs in my mom's was in the 3000s when they found hers, the norm is in the 100s, luckily mine aren't that high yet, it was found early.

As far as starting the Lupron, they just start it after you have already ovulated. She said I'm due to start mine on the 18th as long as the blood work on the 16th says that I've ovulated. I usually ovulate on cd15 which is on the 14th, so I should be good to go, I may just need to take a few extra shots I guess.

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  1. Weird... I have no clue. When I went in for my 3 day us bw appointment they gave me a paper that has all the side effects etc of lupron and on that sheet they wrote in my start date. I go for my lupron teach on my start date (14th) and that is 1 week before AF is due.

    Maybe you should call and have them explain it to you again?